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Team Dandy Dog

Meet our team of highly qualified dog handlers


Brittany Mayer Talieri


Brittany began Dandy Dog with the focus to improve the animal care industry in Boston by creating a quality and trustworthy Company that she could trust with her own pets. Her deaf dog Dandelion, Dandy for short, was her biggest inspiration.  Brittany has also fostered dogs through Last Hope K9, and loves dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.  Brittany is focused on fostering continuous education and learning for herself and her employees.  Through biological fulfillment, training, and care, Dandy Dog's main goal is to create a happy and healthy dog, a happy owner, and a happy community where the dog lives.  Along with Dandy Dog, Brittany serves on the North End Dog Park board, as well is a member of the IACP.  Brittany does it all, including hiking, training, walking, and housesitting.  

*Brittany is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

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Rachel Menezes

Lead Hiker & Head Trainer

Rachel has worked with Dandy Dog since 2019, and has become an integral part of the team as both head hiker and trainer. Rachel’s main focus when working with dogs is to train strong recall and impulse control so all her dog friends can take safe adventures into the woods and have all of their biological needs fulfilled. She is a strong believer that biological fulfillment leads to a healthier and happier dog.  Her favorite kind of dogs to work with are pit bulls and pitbull mixes, like her own dog, Kya. However, Rachel relates most to the doodles with all their curly hair and excessive energy! Rachel is currently offering boarding, hikes and training.

*Rachel is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

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Ana Badillarod

Structured Handler

While looking for a new opportunity in caregiving, she decided to give dogs a try and hasn't looked back. Ana has learned to be a leader while working with Dandy Dog, and understands each dog is different and is able to adapt to each dog's learning style.  She loves all dogs that challenge her and allow for new moments of teaching, especially when it’s a matter of calm, patience and neutrality. Ana is excited to have her own pup one day, but for now she hangs out with her Bombay cat Gaia! Ana is currently offering boarding and walks and is shadowing training with Brittany & Rachel in hopes to train in the near future.

*Ana is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

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Hailey Wood

Lead Structured Handler & Admin

Hailey has grown up with animals and found inspiration from her family dogs to join the Dandy Dog team. Hailey’s number one goal for working with dogs is to give them the structure and the confidence to live the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible. Her favorite dogs to work with are the ones that are hard to win over because there is nothing more satisfying than gaining a dog's trust when it’s hard to earn. Hailey is currently offering housesitting and walks and is shadowing training with Brittany & Rachel in hopes to train in the near future.

*Hailey is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

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Carolina Madrigal

Dog Walker

Carolina is Dandy Dog's favorite barista dog walker! She joined our team in 2022 when she wanted a part time job that gave her the gratification of contributing to others' well-being and creating moments of happiness. Her main goal with working with animals is to create positive change through walks and biological fulfillment. She wants to make sure the dogs feel protected and confident in her care as if they were her own. While her own 3 dogs are home in Mexico, she loves having the Dandy Dog clients to love on! Caro is currently offering walks.

*Carolina is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

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Christiana Antico

Dog Walker

Christiana is our resident veterinary clinic worker and walker! She began her career with animals 7 years ago when she was dog walking in college while studying art before she began her work in the veterinary field at The Pet's Vet. Her goal for all the animals she works with is focusing on growth, trust, and safety. Her most rewarding experiences with dogs are when she is able to earn the trust of those who are typically shy. She has her own pet, Walter the cat, but she hopes to have an English Bulldog one day!  Christiana is currently offering walks and housesitting.

*Christiana is Pet CPR Certified

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