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Lazy Brown Dog

Dog Sitting

Dandy Dog offers both house sitting in your home for your dog, and dog sitting at our employee's home.

Adult Dog Per Day - $75

Puppy Per Day (Between 6 & 10 months) - $85

Puppy Per Day (Younger than 6 months) - $100

+Pickup & Drop-off Fee of $20 per trip

+ Each Additional Adult Dog is 50% Off - Puppies & Holidays are excluded from the discounted price

+Holidays are an additional $10 per day

*Dogs can be dropped off or picked up between 7:30 am and 8 pm

*We charge per day.  For example if you drop an adult dog off on Monday and pick up on Tuesday, you will be charge $150  ($75*2).  We charge a flat rate per day, no matter when pickup/drop off is.

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