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Dog giving a high five

Home School Training Program

Our 4 - 6 week home schooling program tailored to your dog will focus on leash walking, recall, relationship, impulse control, socialization, and an overall healthy mindset.  Dandy Dog will train your dog in your home and take them on field trips to work through different environments.  Depending on your dog, biologically fulfilling hikes may be an addition to your dog's program.  This program will include roughly 4 training sessions a week with your dog and 1:1 training with you and your dog on Fridays each week.  We will send brief summaries and pictures/videos throughout each week, and provide you weekly clear and easy instructions to help continue the training at home. 

Starts at $2,500 for 4 weeks and $3,700 for 6 weeks

Client must have participated in at least one 1:1 private lesson prior to booking.  This will help us understand your dog and tailor our program specifically to your dog's needs.

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